Learning Licks #5- Badbadnotgood

What are we learning?
In this episode of learning licks, we'll be looking at the drumming of Alexander Sowinski during a NTS live version of Badbadnotgood- Lavender. 

What is he playing?
The main groove has some interesting combinations of 8th and 16th notes, with a busy bass drum pattern driving it forward. Watch out for the occasional 32nd notes (best played as double stroke rolls!), flams, open Hi-Hats and ghost notes that crop up every few bars!

Things to watch out for!
Something unique about this performance is the way in which the band allow the tempo to fluctuate for dramatic effect. I would always recommend playing with a metronome regularly, especially once you are getting comfortable with something new, just to make sure that you're really nailing it- but in this case, play along with the band and experience the effect that a slight shift in tempo can have on the listener! 

Download the free transcription below and stay tuned for more learning licks!

Transcription: Learning Licks- Badbadnotgood

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