Beat Breakdown #2- The Sure Co. - Koln

What are we learning?
In this episode of Beat Breakdown, we're going to be breaking down the playing of Richard Spaven during the studio version of The Sure Co. Koln. Richard Spaven is one of the U.K's finest drummers and personally one of my favourites! He has played for bands such as Jordan Rakei, Jose James, Flying Lotus and Incognito, as well as having his own projects, 'Richard Spaven' and 'The Richard Spaven Trio'.

Break it down.
This frantic beat is created out of fast 16th notes between the snare and Hi-Hat, the majority of the notes on the snare should be played as ghost notes and there is a lot of room for improvisation! The first 3 snare drum notes of the groove are spaced 3 16th notes apart, briefly giving the groove a 3 over 4 feel before it falls back into place in the final grouping of the bar. I have notated a 4 bar phrase from the bridge of the song, starting at 2.26, with some cool pushes on the Hi-Hat, so watch out for these in bars 2 and 4! After the pushes, experiment with some variations, using a mixture of different note values to fill the gap. If you are stuck for ideas, I'd highly recommend checking out some live videos of Richard Spaven doing what he does best! 

Download the free transcription below and have some fun with it!

Transcription: Beat Breakdown- The Sure Co. Koln (Bridge)

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