Beat Breakdown #3- Nick Hakim - Green Twins

What are we learning?
In this episode of Beat Breakdown we will be looking at the groove to the title track from Nick Hakim's latest album, 'Green Twins'. This 2 bar phrase is simple but super effective and played with a great, laid back feel.

Break it down.
The beat is made of a classic combination of 8th and 16th notes, but it also has some unique features to create a recognisable groove. The back beat has a little 'pick up note' at the end of each bar (beat '3+a'), you can experiment with playing this note as a ghost note and a regular note to see how it affects the groove, and the studio version has an accent on the ride cymbal off-beat. When played live, the drummer plays a more straight ahead feel on the ride cymbal and leaves some room to improvise fills! Check out both versions and see which one you dig! 

Transcription: Beat Breakdown- Nick Hakim - Green Twins

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