Learning Licks #9- Ezra Collective

What are we learning?
In this episode of Learning Licks, we'll be looking at some killer fills played by Femi Koleoso of Ezra Collective during a live version of Enter The Jungle for Sofar Sounds in London.

What is he playing?
The licks in the intro of Enter The Jungle are all about 16th note triplets (1+a 2+a 3+a 4+a) firstly, between the snare and floor tom and secondly, between the ride and snare. Watch out for the accents in the second bar of the notation, as these are what makes the fill sound super musical! Have an experiment with the groove, I have notated 2 bars of variation but Femi improvises throughout and rarely plays any 2 bars the exact same! 

Things to watch out for!
Although the concept of these fills is easy to understand, it's the speed of the application that can be tricky! I'd advise practising some 16th note triplet fills first if you're not 100% on the timing and then moving onto the fills in the notation when you're ready. Start slow and build it up, remember that it's most important to play even notes with the correct accents, as the speed will come with time!

Most Importantly!
As mentioned before, Femi Koleoso improvises a lot during the song, so it's unlikely that he plays these fills the exact same every time he plays live- so with that in mind, use the notation as inspiration and see what you can come up with!

Transcription: Learning Licks - Ezra Collective

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