Beat Breakdown #5- Khruangbin - Mr. White

What are we learning?
In this episode of Beat Breakdown, we'll be looking at the absolute chiller of a groove to Khruangbin - Mr. White. 

Break it down.
The beat to Mr. White is based around a 16th note pattern, best played with one hand on the hi-hat. There is a classic back beat snare on '2' and '4' and some ghost notes on '3e' and '4a' to add to the feel. The drummer keeps the groove simple and laid back throughout, keeping perfect time and leaving a lot of space. Although if you were to play with the band, I'd recommend keeping the pattern strict, it's also a fun song to experiment with some different ghost note patterns to.  

Download the sheet music for free below and have a go for yourself!

Transcription: Beat Breakdown - Khruangbin- Mr. White

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