Learning Licks #8- King Krule

What are we learning? 
In this episode of learning licks, I'll be breaking down the groove and fills played in a live version of King Krule- Dum Surfer at Primavera festival in Barcelona. As the song builds towards it's climax, the drummer plays some hard hitting fills to push the momentum forward.

What is he playing? 
During the groove, the drummer plays is straight ahead, hard hitting 8th notes with a back beat on beats '2', '3+' and '4', with a lot of of accents on the crash and an overall wash from the ride.
In the first fill he switches to playing 16th note triplets between the ride and bass drum (together to create one sound) and the snare drum. There is an interesting accent pattern, on the ride cymbal, changing from 1 accent to 2 and the lick progresses. I found that the easiest way to play this lick is to use a Paradiddle-diddle (RLRRLL) and a simple RLL group of 16th note triplets for when you need to play the extra accent! 
And finally, in the second fill the drummer plays a classic fill, using straight 8th notes on the snare, floor tom and bass drum to build back into the verse. Just watch out for the final phrase of the fill, ending with an accent on beat '4' of the bar! 

Things to watch out for!  
This lick is a really good one to aim for if you are someone working on building up the speed and power of your Paradiddle-diddles! Get your practise pad out or hit the snare drum and start slowly and gradually build up, I'd recommend playing to a metronome and keeping a note of the bpm that you have played to, this is a great way to see your progress! Once you are confident with your Paradiddle-diddles, then have a go at adding in the RLL triplets to change up the accent pattern and finally, take it to the kit!

Most Importantly!
King Krule's drummer is a heavy hitter, so if you want to sound authentic, you can really dig into what your playing. Play the patterns like you really mean them and let your cymbals ring out to the max, just watch your technique so that you don't do them any damage! Download the free transcription below and stay tuned for more learning licks! 

Transcription: Learning Licks- King Krule

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