Beat Breakdown #1- Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Multi-Love

What are we learning?
In this first episode of beat breakdown, we will be looking at the beat to Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Multi-Love. This straight ahead groove is simple but effective and drives the feel of the song forward, just watch out for the fill in the anacrusis- it's a banger! 

Break it down.
The beat to Multi-Love is easy access for beginners to advanced players. The drummer plays straight 8th notes on the Hi-Hat (1+2+3+4+), a classic '2' and '4' back beat on the snare and '1' and '3' on the bass drum. There are some occasional variations, such as adding a 16th note snare on the 'a of 4' or an extra bass drum on '4+', to help keep the listeners interest and keep up the momentum throughout the verse. 
The verse has an unusual structure with 18 bars and although the fills are fairly simple, it's the placement that can be tricky, with a fill falling on beat '2' of the 3rd bar and a stop in bar 9. Finally, the fill in the anacrusis is using a 16th note pattern with short and snappy open hi-hats on the '3e', '3a' and '4e' to create an offbeat feel. Use the D.S al Coda to take you back up to the sign and away you go! 

Transcription: Beat Breakdown- Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Multi-Love

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