Beat Breakdown #8- Jorja Smith- On My Mind

What are we learning?
In this episode of beat breakdown, we'll be looking at the live version of Jorja Smith's On My Mind, played at the NPR Tiny Desk. Femi Koleoso is behind the kit for this one and he kills it as per usual, check out his playing with Ezra Collective and Joe Armon-Jones as well as with Jorja Smith!

Break it down.
This one is all about the sticking pattern. It's 16th notes between the hi-hat and a rim click on the snare playing RLRLRRLL -  just make sure to put an accent on beat '2' of the bar to lock in with the groove and then it's just about getting the bass drum pattern down! This is quite a fast tempo for playing rim click doubles so if it's too fast at first, practise playing doubles and paradiddle-diddes between your hats and rim click to help build endurance!

Have fun and make sure to download the free notation below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown- Jorja Smith- On My Mind

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