Learning Licks #10- Yazmin Lacey

What are we learning?
In this episode of learning licks, we will be looking at the middle 8 section of the Yazmin Lacey banger, Body Needs Healing. I am a massive fan of grooves that seem understated until you really break them down and uncover the subtle mastery of the drummer and nuance of every bar and this groove does that so well! 

What is he playing?
This groove is all about those 32nd note ghost notes with your left hand, filling in almost every gap between the hi-hat pattern. Play the 16th note hi-hat pattern with your right hand and get the kick pattern down first. Once you're feeling confident, start to add in the accents and rolls (I've put the count for the accent patterns above the bar to help you count through correctly, as reading 32nd notes can be quite full on!) and finally, fill your groove out with left hand ghost notes on the snare!

Things to watch out for!
Playing 32nd notes at any speed can be tricky, so start slow and gradually increase your speed over time until you hit the tempo of the song. Really focus on keeping those ghost notes nice and quiet on the snare, as this is where so much of the groove comes from, subtlety driving the middle 8 forward. 

The bass drum pattern uses a lot of 16th note off beats, on the 'e' and 'a', so practise this whilst just playing 16th notes on the hi-hat with your right hand, then add in your back beat and gradually start to experiment with the ghost note pattern to play a full and lively groove. 

Most importantly!
This groove is all about the feel, so once you are feeling confident, start to improvise around with these concepts and see what you can come up with! 

Have fun and download the sheet music for free below! 

Notation: Learning Licks- Yazmin Lacey

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