Beat Breakdown #9- N.E.R.D- Bobby James

What are we learning?
This one's a tune from back in the day, released in 2001 on the N.E.R.D album, In Search Of- an album filled wicked drum grooves to play along with! Bobby James is a perfect play along track for adult beginners and anyone just looking to keep it chilled! 

Break it down.
The drum part to Bobby James is nice and simple, a back beat on '2' and '4', classic bass drum variations throughout and a crash on beat '1' every 2 bars. Where I personally like to improvise a bit is on the hi-hat. Firstly, try playing classic 8th notes on the hats (1+ 2+ 3+ 4+), then you can try playing the hi-hat just on the offbeat (&) and finally I like to play 8th notes with an accent on the offbeat (&).

Have a play along and see what you enjoy the most! Free notation can be found below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown- N.E.R.D- Bobby James

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