Beat Breakdown #10- Soccer96- Yoga Flame

What are we learning?
For the 10th episode of beat breakdown, I've kept it close to home, with North London's Soccer96. A drums and synth duo, playing a unique blend of electronica with a jazz sense of improvisation and heavy grooves. Soccer96 are all over the London scene at the moment, with a strong connection with Total Refreshment Centre, so definitely go and see them live when you get the chance!

Break it down.
The basic groove to Yoga Flame has a half time feel, with a snare on beat '3' and straight 8th notes on the hi-hat. The drummer, Max Hallett, is improvising different bass drum patterns along with different phrasing ideas on the hi-hat to build and release moments of tension throughout. I have notated the second verse and chorus, although the whole song is packed full of great drumming, so have a play along!

As always, you can download the notation for free below! 

Notation: Beat Breakdown- Soccer96- Yoga Flame

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