Yussef Dayes- Blacked Out Worksheet

This month, Yussef Dayes and Alfa Mist came out with a new banger, Blacked Out. The tune is pushing the sound of UK jazz forward in a new direction, featuring dark synths, moody atmospheric bass lines and of course the rhythmic expertise of Yussef Dayes, tying it all together with his driving groove.

The groove on the track is predominantly based on a dotted 8th note bass drum rhythm, with the bass drum being played on ‘4+’, ‘1e’ and ‘2’, but with Yussef Dayes improvising throughout. For this reason, I decided to create a worksheet based on the types of grooves that Yussef plays, rather than notate the beats note for note. That way, once you get the hang of it, you can improvise too!

Download the sheet music for free below and check out the link to the song!

Transcription: Yussef Dayes- Blacked Out Worksheet

DH Black.png