Learning Licks #11- Foals

What are we learning?
In this episode of learning licks, we’ll be looking at the fills leading into the bridge section of Foals- After Glow. This has always been one of my favourite Foals songs and this whole section is filled with some wicked rhythmic ideas!

What is he playing?
The fills are made up of a dotted 8th note pattern on the crash and bass drum, with hits on beat ‘1+’, ‘2e’ and ‘3’ and 16th note patterns filling in the gaps for the rest of the bar. There is a 32nd note double stroke on ‘3'+’ every other bar that I would play as a RR sticking. The fill then leads into a 4 on the floor groove with some hits between a wood block or jam block!

Things to watch out for!
The 32nd note strokes are quite fast at the tempo of the song, so if this is something that you don’t have down yet, I’d advise working on that pattern first before putting it all together! A great exercise for this is to play a 16th note single stroke roll (RLRL) on your snare or pad and then play the first note of each group as a double stroke - giving you the sticking pattern RR-LRL. You can then change where the double stroke falls to allow you to practise each possible sticking option. Try it to a click and build up to the tempo of After Glow- 132bpm

Download the sheet music for free below and give it a go!

Notation: Learning Licks- Foals

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