Beat Breakdown #15 - Jamie Isaac - Maybe

What are we learning?
In this episode of Beat Breakdown, we’ll be looking at the verse groove to Jamie Isaac’s 2018 single, Maybe. Jamie Isaac makes tunes that blend a mix of jazz chords with laid back vocals and consistently interesting drum patterns and this groove is one of my favourites from the (04.30) Idler album.

Break it down.
The groove to Maybe was made on a computer, so I have done my best to notate it in a way that’s playable for a drummer and realistic to the feel of the song. The snare is played as a rim click (notated with an ‘x’ in the second space) and has an accent pattern on beats ‘2+’ and ‘4’, giving it a displaced feel. After each snare accent there is also a ghost note, often known as a control stroke, creating a delay effect. The bass drum pattern stays consistent throughout the section, whilst the hi-hat pattern varies slightly between combinations of 8th and 16th notes. Watch out for the 32nd note double stroke lick between the hi-hat and snare at the end of the 4th bar, leading into a stop until the ‘2+’ of the next bar. I have just notated the verse section to the song but the chorus has a similar feel but with a snare drum replacing the rim click sound!

Download the notation for free below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown - Jamie Isaac - Maybe

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