Beat Breakdown #13- Babeheaven

What are we learning?
In this episode of Beat Breakdown, we’ll be looking at the beat to Babeheaven’s November, from their recent EP Circles. Babeheaven have been putting out wicked drum tracks with elements of both acoustic and electronic drumming since their first single Heaven/ Friday Sky in 2016, and November is no different. Some of my students have been looking at ghost notes and buzz strokes in their drum lessons and this track is the perfect play along for combining those different techniques in a musical setting!

Break it down.
The beat to November is a hip hop inspired backbeat with snares on ‘2’ and ‘4’. Where this groove really comes to life is in the ghost note pattern! Things to watch out for are the buzz stroke on the ‘a of 2’ (buzz strokes are represented with a ‘z’ on the snare drum stem) and the pull out stroke into beat ‘4’. A pull out stroke is a ghost note followed by a non-ghost or accent, this is a common sound heard in hip hop and funk drum breaks. If you flip this and play an accent followed by a ghost note, it’s known as a control stroke- have a practise of including both of these into your grooves!

Download the sheet music for free below:

Notation: Beat Breakdown- Babeheaven - November