Beat Breakdown - #18 - The Roots - The Seed (2.0)

What are we learning?
Usually I like to notate relatively new music, but after doing a Karriem Riggins episode of Learning Licks, I felt like it made sense to notate something played by Questlove. Questlove and Riggins (as well as Chris Dave) helped to push a whole new sound for drummers and have influenced so many of today’s players with their approach to hip hop drumming. The Seed (2.0) is a classic banger by The Roots released in 2002, Questlove on drums.

Break it down.
The beat to The Seed (2.0) is nice and simple, an easy one for drummers at any level to jump straight into. I have notated the first 8 bars of the track (including the anacrusis 2/4 bar at the beginning) and although there are variations throughout, this is the main groove that the track is based around. The fill leading into the track alternates between a flam on the snare drum and a bass drum, playing 8th notes (1+ 2+) and then you’re straight in with a hard hitting backbeat, snares on ‘2’ and ‘4’, 8th notes on a slightly open hi-hat and a simple bass drum pattern driving the song forward. In the 8th bar there is a simple fill playing consistent 8th notes on the hi-hat and snare followed by a flam on beat ‘4’ and a bass drum on ‘4+’, from here you can continue with the groove and listen out for occasional variations throughout!

Download the sheet music for free below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown #18 - The Roots - The Seed (2.0)

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