Beat Breakdown #21 - Soweto Kinch - The Healing

What are we learning?
I’m going to be breaking down the main groove to Soweto Kinch - The Healing. This hip hop inspired, back beat groove has been a go to for me when warming up for years so it was fun to notate exactly what the drummer was playing!

Break it down.
This one is a 2 bar call and response phrase, with a snare back beat on ‘2’ and ‘4’ and a one-handed 16th note groove on the hats throughout. The call bar has a pull out stroke (a ghost note followed by an accent) leading into the snare on beat ‘4’ and an open hi-hat with a bass drum on ‘3e’ and ‘4’, creating much of the feel for this pattern. Watch out for the left hand double stroke at the end leading into the response bar. The phrasing of the response bar varies slightly throughout the track but follows the rule of playing through to beat ‘4’ of the bar, leaving you with a quarter note beat to improvise with. Simple tends to sound better, whether it’s leaving space until an open hi-hat on the ‘4+’ or playing a hi-hat phrase over the quarter note pulse. Once you’ve got it down, improvise and see what you like the sound of!

As always, download the sheet music for this beat for free below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown - Soweto Kinch - The Healing

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