Beat Breakdown #16 - Slowthai - Doorman

What are we learning?
In this episode of beat breakdown we’ll be looking at the beat to Slowthai - Doorman. This tune takes influence from old school punk bangers with a fast, straight ahead, heavy hitting groove. Everything that Slowthai has put out so far hits hard, but this tune naturally lends itself to being played on an acoustic drum kit, making it an obvious choice for me to notate!

Break it down.
The beat to this track is actually super simple, 8th notes on the hi hat, snare on ‘2’ and ‘4’ and every other note has a bass drum played with the hats. Where this groove can be tricky is getting it up to the goal tempo of 175bpm to play along with the track! 170bpm+ is really fast so start slow with the groove until you feel like you’ve got it down and then speed up gradually, I’d always recommend playing with a metronome and stopping and restarting at a new speed each time!

Download the notation for free below and have a go!

Notation: Beat Breakdown #16 - Slowthai - Doorman

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