Beat Breakdown #17 - Kamaal Williams - New Heights

What are we learning?
Kamaal Williams has just dropped an absolute banger of a video for his track New Heights. This track has a laid back, 2 bar groove with a lot of feel, leaving space for Williams to improvise solo ideas on piano on top. Kamaal Williams album The Return is worth checking out for more drum heavy grooves and interesting phrasing ideas.

Break it down.
This groove is all about the off-beats, with the bass and snare pattern frequently being played on the ‘e’, ‘+’ and ‘a’ throughout. The hi hat pattern is playing one handed 16th notes throughout with open hats on ‘2e’ in bar 1 and ‘2e’ and ‘4’ in bar 2. The beat to New Heights is 2 bars long, repeated throughout, so it’s all about getting the right feel and then you’re good to go!

Download the sheet music for free below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown - Kamaal Williams - New Heights

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