Beat Breakdown #23- Ishmael Ensemble - Tunnels

What are we learning?
In this Beat Breakdown, I have notated the groove to Bristol’s Ishmael Ensemble - Tunnels. I heard this band through Gilles Peterson’s BBC 6 radio show and have had them on regular rotation since! With song that blend together features of modern jazz, bass music and live drums, you can see why!

Break it down.
The groove has an offbeat hi-hat throughout and a snare accent on beat ‘4’ of the bar. Each bar starts with the bass drum placed on ‘1’ and the ‘a of 1’, followed by a different 16th note phrase between the bass drum, snare and hats, depending on the bar. The dynamics between ghost notes and accents are what really make this groove pop, so really spend some time on getting that down! Watch out for the 1st/ 2nd time bar at the end of the 8 bar phrase and you’re good to go!

Download the notation for free below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown #23 - Ishmael Ensemble - Tunnels

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