Beat Breakdown #24 - Parcels - Gamesofluck

What are we learning?
In this episode of Beat Breakdown, we’ll be learning to play the groove to Gamesofluck by Parcels. This one is a disco influenced groover with a super simple beat, perfect for beginners. There is a stop or 2 in the track but overall the beat is the same from beginning to end - a great one for drummers just starting to get to grips with 2 handed 16th note grooves or looking for alternative ways of practising a steady single stroke roll (RLRL).

Break it down.
The beat to Gamesofluck is a classic 16th note groove. Play a single stroke roll on the hi-hat, starting with your right hand, and count 16th notes (1e+a 2e+a 3e+a 4e+a). Next, bring you right hand down to the snare drum on beats ‘2’ and ‘4’, continue with your RLRL sticking and play the rest of your 16th notes on the hats. This will give you your back beat pattern, all you need to do now is play your bass drum on beats ‘1’ and ‘3’ (at the same time as your right stick on the hats) and you’re good to go! Loop it round a few times nice and slow and until you’ve got it, then take it up to your goal tempo of 105bpm, then you’re good to go!

Download the sheet music for this beat for free below!

Notation: Beat Breakdown #24 - Parcels - Gamesofluck

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