Beat Breakdown #28- Badbadnotgood - Confessions Pt II

What are we learning?
In this episode of Beat Breakdown we’ll be breaking down the beat to Badbadnotgood’s groover, Confessions Pt II. The track is in 5/4 which means that you have 5 quarter notes in a bar, or in simple terms, you need to count up to 5 instead of the usual 4! Alexander Sowinski on drums.

Break it down.
The groove is a back beat pattern with snare drums on beats ‘2’ and ‘4’ and a four on the floor pattern on the bass drum (bass drums on all quarter notes). Where you really get the groove is in the syncopated, 16th note hi-hat pattern. I have broken down both the counting and sticking pattern for this below, K: Kick, R: Right, L: Left. Sowinski improvises variations of this throughout the track so although I’ve written out the main groove, start here and see what variations of your own you can come up with , as well as listening out to the variations in the track!

The rhythm is counted: 1+ 2+a 3e+ 4+a 5e+
The sticking is: KR - RRL - KLR - RRL - KLR

Download the sheet music for free below:

Notation: Beat Breakdown #28 - Badbadnotgood - Confessions Pt II