Drum Hub provides private drum lessons in London for beginners, intermediate and advanced players of all ages!

Free Trial Lesson

Your introduction into drum lessons at Drum Hub will always begin with a free trial lesson. This is a 30 min long, totally free drum lesson giving you an opportunity to come and see the studio space, where there is both an acoustic and electric kit set up, ask any questions you might have about the lessons and most importantly, to see if Drum Hub is for you! The free trial lesson also gives me an opportunity to find out some more about your musical interests and drumming goals, allowing me to plan for your lessons in a way that reflects your objectives.

If this is your first drum lesson, or maybe your first lesson back after a hiatus, we will first get you feeling confident with the different drum names, the way they sound and how to play them. We’ll look at some basic stick and bass drum technique before getting you playing your first beat! You’ll also be given some musical examples that showcase what you’ve learnt in your lesson and some sheet music to take away with you!

For intermediate and advanced drummers, the free trial lesson is an opportunity for us to assess any problem areas in your playing and discuss what you are looking to get out of your drum lessons. This is totally different for each payer and will allow us to create learning objectives that are personal to you! Whether it’s technique, coordination, improvisation, developing your knowledge on particular genres, reading music, applying rudiments to your playing, expanding your repertoire or a combination of different areas that you’d like to work on- the free trial lesson will help to inform me on the best way to help you make that progress!

Regular Lessons

If after your free trial lesson you decide to sign up for a regular slot, we can find a time that works for you! Weekly lessons are the most popular but I am happy to work out a lesson plan to accommodate your schedule!

From here, we’ll be working through personalised lessons planned to get the most out of your time at Drum Hub! For every new topic that we cover, you’ll always be given sheet music to take home with you as well as real world examples of songs, bands and drummers that have used that particular topic in their playing. It’s really important to me that my students are constantly shown usable examples of what they are learning in a musical context, so that exercises never remain as patterns, but turn into musical concepts and ideas. Wherever possible, I will link the concepts that we are learning to your favourite bands, as well as exposing you to new music and genres to help further develop your musical knowledge and ability.

You will always leave your drum lessons with a range of resources including subject specific worksheets that I’ve written, pages from classic and modern drum books, links for videos and musical examples and exercises designed to develop your technique. I am also able to notate songs requested by students for us to learn in your lessons and can give this to you in both a print and PDF version!

Drum lessons at Drum Hub are there to enhance the reason that you’re playing drums in the first place, so whether you are looking to get deep into technique, mastering the 40 standard rudiments, learn how to play like your favourite drummers, take grade exams or simply play to songs and have fun, just let me know and I can ensure that we do just that!

If Drum Hub sounds like the place for you, just hit the button below and come down to the studio for a free trial lesson this week!

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