Learning Licks #3- Justin Brown

What are we learning?
In this episode of learning licks we'll be looking at some killer Hi-Hat licks played by Justin Brown during a Pitchfork live performance of 'Them Changes' by Thundercat. This drum lesson uses some advanced concepts but would also be well suited to the intermediate player looking to spice up their Hi-Hat chops!

What is he playing?
The main groove is based around one 8th note and two 16th notes on the hats, (1+a, 2+a, 3+a, 4+a) played with a RRL RRL RRL RRL sticking. Make sure to bring your right hand down onto the snare drum for your back beat on '2' and '4'. 

Things to watch out for!
Justin Brown improvises around this idea and plays new variations every bar, including different 32nd note stickings, off beat open Hi-Hats, 16th note snare patterns and to finish, a fill leading into beat '2' of the next bar. Watch out for the flam between the high tom and floor tom at the start of the fill!

Most Importantly!
To get these licks to the speed of Justin Brown, it's all about practising your single stroke roll (RLRL) in different note value combinations. If these ideas are new for you, then take one bar and loop it, see if you can improvise some Hi-Hat patterns over the top of the groove and have some fun with it! 

Get the transcription below and stay tuned for more learning licks!

Transcription: Learning Licks- Justin Brown 

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