Learning Licks #4- Anderson Paak

What are we learning?
In this episode of Learning Licks, we'll be looking at some killer fills played by Anderson Paak during a live performance of 'Heart Don't Stand A Chance' for Grammy Pro Music.

What is he playing?
The thing that makes these fills sound so good is that they are filled with so many different subdivisions, played in so many different ways. The final section of the song is filled with 8th notes, 16th notes, 16th note triplets and 32nd notes, with some accents, ghost notes and flams thrown in there to keep it flowing. There is some interesting phrasing ideas and fast changes between note values to watch out for as well as some repeated rhythmic figures. 

Most Importantly!
This drum lesson is perfect for the advanced or upper-intermediate drummer and would also be greatly beneficial to any drummer starting to work on their 32nd note fills or looking for an interesting way to practise the transition between note values. Although Paak uses subdivisions as fast as 32nd notes, the tempo of the song is quite moderate (somewhere around 90bpm) so getting these fills up to speed is manageable! 

Download the sheet music below and get crackin'

Transcription: Learning Licks- Anderson Paak

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