Arctic Monkeys- The View From The Afternoon- Sheet Music

In 2018, the most requested band from my students was Arctic Monkeys, a band that has put out great drum tracks for over a decade. I can remember when their first album, ‘Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not’, came out and being so hyped on the drumming of Matt Helders, with his fast 16th note patterns and energetic grooves.

To celebrate the New Year, I have notated my all time favourite drum track of theirs in full- ‘The View From The Afternoon’. This song is filled with hard hitting 16th note beats and fills and quick rhythm changes as the track bounces around the different sections- definitely one to test your hand speed!

You can download the full sheet music below for free, Happy New Year!

Notation: Arctic Monkeys- The View From The Afternoon

DH Black.png