Tom Misch - Geography Beat Sheet

Tom Misch Georgraphy.jpg

Tom Misch brought out a new album this week filled with so many drum bangers that I had to get in there and notate them for you! I've gone through the tracks on Geography and written out a beat sheet for easy access to the songs on the album- have a listen through and use this sheet to help you understand what the drums are doing and, most importantly, have a go at playing along!

I am a massive fan of combining electronic sounds and rhythms with more traditional, live drum sounds and this album captures that sound and feel so well. With this in mind, I have notated all of the beats for an acoustic kit, even when the album sounds may be electronic, for example using a snare instead of a clap or on the bridge of 'South Of The River' adding in a floor tom instead of a bass drum in bars 4 and 6 to make it easier to play. Have an experiment and see what sounds you can create! 

Below is a free transcription for all of the beats on Geography (the program I use to notate doesn't allow writing music in 6/8 so I've had to include a separate, hand written notation for Movie!). Have some fun and get stuck in!

Beat Sheet Transcription: Tom Misch - Geography Beat Sheet

Movie Transcription: Tom Misch - Movie

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